Photography Services

 Remembering a great weekend  is made even better when you can look at a series of pictures and relieve the moment. 

 But, being able to look at pictures moments after you've unstrapped the car can be an important asset to faster laptimes. What a driver thinks he's doing and what the picture proves he's doing can take seconds off of laptimes. 

 When you hire Tukee Motorsports for a race day or race weekend, you are the only car we watch. We also get those normally missed moments in the pits that make great memories. The photographer is on the outside looking in, staying out of the way but always ready to share the moment.

 Rates vary depending on travel, days booked and prints. In all cases you get a copy of every photograph taken and have free use of them. 

 All photo's on this site are from Tukee Motorsports photo sessions.

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