Racing Activities

  Tukee Motorsports not only likes to work on racecars, hang out at the racetrack and take pictures of sexy cars, we also like to get behind the wheel of our very own Formula Ford.


  Our resident driver, and owner, Kurtis Chandler starting running SCCA Solo II events the same year he earned his drivers permit way back in 1982. Life, marriage, flying, Solo II's and track days came next but finally in 2007 Kurt purchased his first purpose built race car, none other than the world famous Shirley MacLane Formula Vee.
 Next came a 1984 Lola T644 which he ran for two years before purchasing a 1995 Vector MG95 F2000. The Vector was pretty tired so a refresh was started on it in late 2011. 

 During the Vector refresh the opportunity to purchase a special Formula Ford presented itself, a 1982 PRS82F that was once maintained by his good friend Bill Zimmerle back in 1990. It was Bill and this PRS that started the lifelong dream of racing Formula Fords. After many years refurbishing the car it was sold hot off the track in February 2018. Now another 1984 Lola T644 is in the shop being prepared to tear up the track. Stay tuned!

Racing Results:

2007 2008
FV - 3rd (PASA) FF - DNF, Accident (PASA)
FV - DNF(PASA) FF - 4th (PASA)
FV - 3rd (PASA) FF - 3rd (PASA)
FV - 5th (PASA) FF - 2nd (PASA)
FF - 1st (PASA)
FF - DNS, Broken Clutch (PASA)

2009 2010
FF - 1st (PASA)         FF - 1st (SCCA)
FF - 2nd (HSR)                         2018
FF - 1st (PASA)                        FF - DNF, Misfire (PASA)
FF - 2nd (PASA)
FF - DNS, Accident (PASA)

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